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SharePoint File Explorer Module is designed for DotNetNuke (DNN). It works like the DNN default File Manager, in which every DNN user can manage his files, but this module handles files in document libraries located in SharePoint. It uses SharePoint Web Services API and Telerik ASP.NET Ajax library.

Please read the documentation carefully (SharePoint FileExplorer.pdf) before you install this module.

This module has following features:
  • Fast direct communication between SharePoint and DNN.
  • Easy integration of SharePoint document libraries into DNN.
  • Allows every DNN user to manage his own document libraries.
  • Synchronize files and folder; add and delete folders; upload, download and rename files.
  • Supports Drag&Drop, Copy&Paste and Search features. For example, drag a single file or a whole folder inside a single document library or between different document libraries.
  • Allows you to switch between different SharePoint accounts without switching your DNN User.

Screenshots of SharePoint File Explorer

Setting Control
Setting Control.png
View Control
View Control.png
drag multiple files.png

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